Blog : The Role of Digital Technology during the Covid19 Pandemic

The Role of Digital Technology during the Covid19 Pandemic


The Role of Digital Technology during the Covid19 Pandemic

13-06-2020,    EvermolPro

The year 2020 had brought a huge development in the field of digital technology, a wide transformation is being seen where development and escalation is being seen in various field of science and technology. Digital Technology is playing a surprising role during the Covid19 pandemic, due to the development of a multitude of digital tools in past years now it can be used to remediate the Covid19 outbreak. Digital technology is being used to keep a proper track on how the virus is spreading and what are the various ways that have to be undertaken to keep our distance from stress and anxiety apart from these various apps are being launched in last few months such as Arogya Setu App where one can easily use the information stored in it to cope with this difficult time.

However the starting phase of this year, 2020, the world is undergoing into a pragmatic global health issue: Covid19, a serious concern which is creating a big tussle between the world market and economic growth hence digital technology is building a shield where marketers can able to shift their burden of experiencing a huge loss after this outbreak. The four big technology i.e. IoT, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain are playing a great role in how to manage the entire working system in a very systematic without creating any hustle. Firstly Iot helps the agency in monitoring all the activities as well as it provides all the relevant data that can be used how to deal with Covid19, secondly data analytics guide the entire working agency on how to deal with the virus i.e. it provides opportunities on building strategies to put a surveillance in detecting the cause of this major health issue. Thirdly, Artificial Intelligence is helping the agencies in developing a deep learning on how to diagnose and detect the virus and providing the infected people with the accessibility on how to overcome from this infection.

Apart from all these few more digital inventions which are creating a huge outburst in this pandemic, likely to discuss in detail:

  • Digital Shopping/ Digital Payment: people are now more into digital shopping and making payments digitally. Cash may contain viruses hence e-wallets or cards are considered to be the safest way for making payments. People are inclined more towards purchasing goods from different digital shopping portals rather than going to local markets or malls.


  • Working Remotely: Many companies are asking their employees to work from home, remote work is properly integrated with technology by using virtual private protocols and various work collaboration tools.


  • Telehealth: Many countries including India had launched their apps where people can able to get information about the Covid19 virus spread as well as various remedies that will prove to be beneficial to overcome this disease. Arogya Setu App is one of the greatest inventions by the Government of India


  • Digital Marketing: Companies are inclined more towards digital form of marketing as the market is being affected a lot and people are likely to spend more time on the internet hence a website will enhance the growth of the company in this drastic situation as well and help the organization in building up communication along with the visitors. Websites are going to elevate the brand image if the marketing is being done properly through it. Digital marketing plays a crucial role for all those who are suffering a huge loss after this major pandemic as this form of marketing will going to help them in rebuilding as well as recreating the market among the competitors as well as among the buyers.

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