Blog : Managing Remote Workforce during Covid-19

Managing Remote Workforce during Covid-19


Managing Remote Workforce during Covid-19

30-05-2020,    EvermolPro

Due to the major outbreak of Covid19 it become quite challenging to manage workforce as lots of hurdles are being there which become quite difficult to cross hence stability and engagement is required to manage the workforce. This sudden offset makes many companies to adopt the policy of work from home. Working from home actually leads to happy engagement among the employees which leads to increase in productivity.

Due to this sudden outbreak many locations are being impacted hence most of the organization are carrying out their business activities remotely, it become quite challenging for the managers to establish communication among its team members hence a proper strategy has to be framed for carrying out the procedures. A clear norm has to be set among the employees on how to carry the task. Digital Marketing somewhere gives you the freedom to carry the activities from different location, this article helps you know the various steps that are being carried to manage workforce

  1. A planed Working Scheme: Before assigning task to the team the employer should aware what the organization is expecting from the team i.e. pre defined roles and responsibilities should be assigned to the workforce and apart from that what are preferences as well as the criteria being set to meet the expectations should be clearly delivered to the workforce
  2. An effective database system: The team should have the right to access the files and documents hence an enterprise should choose right communication and collaboration tools for managing the teamwork. Video Conferencing and using social networking tools are the amazing way to get connecting with the workforce
  3. A face to face contact should be made: Video Conferencing is the best way to make collaboration among the team members. Video meeting helps manager to see the facial expression of the employee and their dedication towards completing the assigned task.
  4. Boosting confidence of the employee: An employer should always motivate their employee as it is the primary constituent which enables them to work with full enthusiasm and generate productivity according to the desire of the employer. A regular hook-ups along with the team members makes them assure that everything is okay
  5. Adopting Check-in: The check in method enable the employers to get to know what the desires of the workforce are during working hours, it’s very vital to know how the employees are working as well as what they are feeling about the organization.
  6. A great impact of social connection among the workforce: By using different social media tools helps the employer to built a great social connectivity among the employees


Various companies has started working remotely as Covid19 had taken its momentum in a great speed hence a proactive approach has to be taken in building up strategies on how to deal with the team as well as establishing a great relationship along with them. As a business owner your employee’s welfare should be the primary concern.


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