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Google My Business verification process


Google My Business verification process

28-02-2021,    EvermolPro

Google My Business

To get the best result in local search, google my business listing (GMB) is necessary. We are the Evermolpro website designing company Noida that gives you the best in GMB listing. It helps you to show the customers connections and offer to customers make public inquiries or comments. To increase the foot traffic, it is required that your business should also appear on the Google Maps and Google My Business (GMB) list to boost your business in it. Most searches are based on local intent queries and mobile devices.

Google My Business Process

Why process Verify Your Google My Business Listing?

Your Google My Business account is a tool that runs your online. How to verify your Google My Business listing. It is one feature to show and determine that a business will appear on local search results. For local SEO, Google My Business is necessary. So, this only depends upon how dynamic your listing data is perfect and up-to-date. As per the research, 50% of consumers visit businesses or stores daily basis. It performs a local search, like cloths shop around me', and that 80% of consumers interpret incorrect or unpredictable contact details or businesses Loses trust in local industries. When your name is online, you should keep right your phone number, address and Map address, etc., all your list. Listing verification on Google My Business is necessary. We are the best website designing company in Noida with GMB and having good remarks and results with the clients in GMB. You can manage and optimize the listing by claim and verify whenever you see your name, address, Pin code, or Zipcode in Google's search engine, and you see the message "Own business"? It would help if you remembered that you could not make the Google listing changes until you do not verify your business.


Most of the local businesses are verified on listing with the help of postcards via snail mail. However, many other verification options are available, and some go for that, like verification through their phone, email, or search console.

For starting the process of verification, your sign-in at is most, where you will see a GMB dashboard. Then you will see the Verify Now button that should click to the right of the red banner at the top of the page.

Verification Via Mail (Postcard)

As you click the Verify button, there will appear a mail button on the map where your business is pinned left corner of the page on the top. Before clicking on the mail:

1. Be verified that all the information you have provided is correct and accurate.

2. Never click below on the verification button.

3. At last, click on send postcard button.

You received a postcard that will have the five-digit verification code. First, you have to log in to the GMB account and click on the location button to verify the location. Next, click on the Verify Location push button in the menu or test now. To complete the verification five-digit code, then enter the code, then click on submit.

process Verification Via Email

You have chosen the email verification process option; then, you will see this option by clicking on the Verify push button. You click on it, you will get an email with a verification button on your mail I. Then, you should click on it enter the code in your Google My Business dashboard.

Phone via verification

If you have chosen business verification, then after verifying the button, you will see the pics. And after selecting this, you will get an automatic phone message to listen carefully to enter the verification code. Now you have the code, join in the verified code field and confirmed it.

Instant verification

Process verifying the business website with Google Search Console, you are free to instantly verify your Google My Business account. You will get instant verification if you use the same email account you used to list on the search help. Many business categories have Search Console validation but not allow to use this category.

Why create a Google My Business account?

To make them easy for your customers online in finding your details in Google My Business account is necessary. This is the major advantage to have if you are not convenient, then look out the disadvantages of not having it:

Without a Google My Business account, your control over the business information will lose out. And wrong and incomplete information will lose your customers. According to a Bright Local study, 68% of consumers are not using online services because of incorrect information.

This will directly affect your business reputation. Because Google profile has a mandatory section that is a review and without a Google My Business account, you cannot reply.

Your competitors will win. As you have an incomplete and incorrect account, your business will be affected directly by this. You will lose your consumers as they are not getting the correct information and replies to their queries. They will switch to your competitor, providing well-managed information on google with fast response and support.

SERP real estate will be loose by you. According to their quality, Google has features of the ranking business profile, and one business outline is not sufficient. However, the Google Business Outline is accomplished through a Google Business account, which can be enhanced and improved to rank above competitors for significant and important keyword searches.

The time to time verify your business on Google.

Google has changed the business doing for the consumers and businesses in the local market. So, attracting more and more customers to your business and grow your business, you should make a free google account by following the above steps. In this process, there are various parts and pieces. But it is not so complicated with the help of guides and options like doing it on mobile. So, let’s started today itself by creating, claiming, and verifying Google My Business. You will get the out of this improbable and free tool which are available for you.

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