Blog : How to create a website that generates sales and Enquiries... –

How to create a website that generates sales and Enquiries... –


How to create a website that generates sales and Enquiries... –

19-01-2021,    EvermolPro

As we all know, that a website is the only form, or you can say the only medium of communication for a digital marketer or any company that works through the internet to provide their services or products...

Communication is always double sided. It can never be single handed. Like, you say and the other person listens, or they say and you listen.. This can’t be called as communication. The content posted or uploaded on a website conveys what they offer, and about them, and why we should choose them and take their services or products.

In the same way, the customer or client should be interacting, making sure you have everything that they need and other questions that may arise in their mind. May it be a small business or a huge one, the customers should always be able to communicate with you, to make sure that your services are what they need. This is the very important step in building a company customer relationship based on trust, that’s very important in anything to sustain, even if it’s a professional relationship. If the customer can’t get to believe about your services, not getting any way to communicate with you, and clear every doubt or query they have about you, they’ll just move on to some other company providing these facilities. Because communication provides assurance. And that’s what everyone needs, isn’t it..!?

This interaction can be an inquiry or a sale, for your product or services. To turn a user into a client, you need to make them believe about your service, and that you’ve everything they’re looking for. And for that your website should be designed in such a manner, making communication much more easier and effortless for them. Your website should be designed so as to generate more sales and enquiries. The customer should feel the need to contact back to you, via email or any social media platforms you have. This will help you understand what your audience needs and work on that field to increase the quality of your services. Their feedback is the most important thing that you really need...!!

This attitude can really help generating more sales and enquiries...!!

So, let’s get straight into the article, about how to design such a website...

1) You should add your phone number on the website header, that should be clearly visible to anyone who visits your website. That must be designed in such a manner so as to attract anyone’s attention.

2) Give them the reason to contact you, ask them for questions, or reviews or even suggestions. The customers love it when you want their priorities to be placed first and when you give their suggestions an important place in your content and services. This keeps them glued to your services.

3) Encourage them to contact you on your number, or book a meeting with you. You can even ask them to download files with guides or that answers their queries. Ask them to contact you freely

4) Add your social media platforms links to your website. There may be people who may not be comfortable in calling you via voice call. They can easily message you on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, or Instagram. Once again, Instagram is a great way to create a business page, only for communicating and interacting with your customers. This can really change the look of your business and generate more sales.

5) If your services include something complicated to understand, you can create videos, explaining about your company and services. That can help your customer know you more. And getting to understand your services, they would surely like to contact you for further services.

6) Create enquiry forms on your website. But make sure to not make it too lengthy or that asks for more personal information of the customer. They might not want to share that with you. So, keep it simple. This will help a lot to fulfil your intentions of getting more queries and sales.

Hope, these tips helped you understand how you can create such a website to generate more enquiries and sales.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or queries. We’d be more than glad to help you in any way we can.

Thank you for being here..


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