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Covid-19 War2


Covid-19 War2

05-05-2021,    EvermolPro

COVID 19 has taken over the universe and is wreaking havoc in every aspect of life. Following the initial loss of human life, various companies now analyze the virus's effects and devise strategies for moving forward in such turbulent times. At Evermolpro Technology, we strive to turn big problems into significant opportunities and updates. Our team closely monitors, studies, and adapts to the industry's threats, demands, and effects.

With offices, classrooms, and stores closed for almost three months and the threat of more sanctions looming, the whole world has been compelled to shift the bulk of its operations to the internet. Moreover, organizations have been forced to function in different forms as a result of the transition. Consequently, the COVID 19 pandemic has had a negative effect on many industries, including web development.


Effect of the Pandemic on Web Development Industry

Several units are conducting minimal activities as a result of the unexpected occurrence of this pandemic. In reality, several of them have temporarily closed. It is fascinating to see both positive and negative consequences of how the global website construction industry is evolving. On the other hand, the recession has prompted many engineering experts and construction firms to look beyond the box and innovate. Experts in web development are developing new ideas and supporting companies in establishing a solid online presence. They assist businesses in connecting with customers who need their goods or services. They are also establishing a secure working atmosphere for remote teams and online users. Let us have a look on the ways by which the Coronavirus is impacting the website development industry.


Negative Effects

  • Since more than half of businesses are having difficulty importing and selling products as a result of the global recession, companies will have to lower their projected growth rate this year. Even the online growth of several industries will be drastically slowed.


Positive Outcome

  • Where there are immediate and dire needs, creative solutions are still available. The idea of an online market (a company website) that was once thought to be a waste of resources and optional has now proven to be a lifesaver for many companies.
  • Many businesses are adopting and accepting new forms and practices in such a panicked situation.
  • Various businesses are using various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to reach more clients and increase revenue.


Since most people are left at home during this period, web design, in general, is seeing a significant rise in demand. Many people believe that now is the best time to start a new website or update a current one. Established companies are now using this as a good time to go online with a website, and new shops are popping up all the time as a way to make money during this difficult time. COVID 19 has increased internet use by a whopping 70 per cent, which cannot be overlooked. Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last, but companies will almost certainly have to adapt to a modern reality based on alienation and distancing in the near future. For example, although storefronts remain closed, people are dependent on e-commerce shops for much of their products and merchandise. As a result of these new circumstances, web designers, especially those who specialise in web development and e-commerce facilitation, are in higher demand.


Web Development Services at Evermolpro Technology

Our ability to have all-encompassing online applications is well-known and valued in the industry. Even in these uncertain times, we aim to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Our company's key goal is for you to succeed. Our mission is to keep taking the industry forward even in these trying times, and in order to do so, we must fulfil our objectives, which are based on customer loyalty. Years of hard work and determination have resulted in the support that we have earned from our customers. Our ability to provide high-quality services in a timely and cost-effective manner has won us the confidence of our customers, which is our most valuable asset, and we strive to continue doing this no matter what the circumstances.


Evermolpro’s services during the Pandemic

The pandemic has hit everyone hard. But with the second wave devastating India, we are amidst the worst healthcare crisis our country has ever faced. Shortage of oxygen, vaccines and other medical resources has worsened the situation. As already stated above, Evermolpro is also facing a dire situation being a web development service provider. However, we want to make a difference by helping as many people as possible in this time of need. We will include the COVID helpline numbers of all states on our website to allow every person to have access to these numbers whenever they need the same. Our customers and visitors of the website can easily access all this information at the time of need. We, as a web development company, strive to give back to our community in every way feasible and continue to keep providing our web designing services along with emergency COVID 19 information.



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