Blog : The top 5 reasons for a slow website

The top 5 reasons for a slow website


The top 5 reasons for a slow website

07-02-2021,    EvermolPro

There are various factors that helps developing your business website. Starting from a good design, both in looks and interface and graphics, to SEO. The other factors that plays important role in the ranking of your website, or you may say to develop your business are, the responsiveness of your website and the navigation and website speed.

Yes, as we all know Google ranks up the websites on the basis of the quality of their content, and their website's engagement. It notices, your traffic, how you’re getting it, your SEO, the amount of time your users spend on the site, the bounce rate, number of times the links on your page got clicked at, and the most important thing the speed of your website.

Website speed basically refers to the time, about how fast your website loads on a browser, how fast the user can jump from one page to another on your website, and the media loading time.

Are you facing difficulties in these things mentioned above..? Is your website slow, and you get complaints about this from your existing or new customers?

Do you want to change this and make your website run smoother and faster..?

If yes, then you’re at the correct place

In this article, we are going to explain the top 5 reasons which is slowing down your website. And some tips to get rid of this, and make your website back to normal, and make it to run faster.

Here are the reasons :

• Your Server / Host – the first reason, can be that, you have a very slow server, or a slow web host. The case may be that you’re using a free server or you have a very bad support. If neither of these is the case, then it may be because of you have a high traffic.

• Large media files – another reason may be that you have overloaded your website with images, videos and such media files. And as we know, media files does take a little bit of more time to load, as compared with the text format. A normal amount of media doesn’t effect, but if you loaded a way lot more than it, then there’s likely to be a problem. If you have like, more media files, and less text and running this website on a underrated platform, then you’re probably going to face the problem of your website slowing down

• Plugins – plugins, are really important to run a website, but it can become a problem, that can slow down your website, if you’ve a lot of them installed on your site. Some people often use unnecessary plugins, that can be substituted by easy tricks, or some people install a plugin that they need at some time, and then forget to delete that when no longer in use. That just becomes heavy and slows the site down, especially if the plugins are weighty

• Cache – some websites download the data, from a source and provide to the user, when they ask for it. This downloading can take a lot more tine and slow down the page to process that. If your website already has all the data, in the cache form, i.e. already downloaded, then it would become more easier.

• Ads – you’ve a lot of ads popping up on your website. Now, you may have personally experienced this while browsing some sites that have loaded their page with numerous ads. This can slow down the website. Ads are very heavy and take much time to load, just like media files.

Now let’s see what are the solutions ;

? For slow server you can change your host/server. And if it’s the second case, i.e. you’ve high traffic, you can upgrade your server to be able to handle high traffic. It’s often paid. But again, without investment there’s no profit or growth.. Isn’t it.?

? If you’ve a lot of media files, then just try to reduce the number of files, by filtering out the unnecessary ones. Or else you can use a image or media compressor plugin, that’s easily available on WordPress. This compresses the media files to smaller sizes or convert them to formats that loads quickly.

? Again, with plugins. You can filter out unnecessary ones, or the ones you no longer need. Try out various hacks to solve your problem. Contact a professional developer to suggest you some strategic or tips to do so.

? For cache, if you have a lot of cache loaded on your site then it will become heavy, so we recommend you to install a plugin for cache. It just reduces all your problems.

? Have less ads and popups on your website. Try to reduce the amounts of unnecessary ads. Don’t run after these temporary money making tricks. Develop your business and grow, to achieve success in your business. You can still have ads that are genuine and are related to your niche. This will please your customers and they’ll believe more in you and your company.

Hope, these tips and tricks helped you to solve your problems. Implementing these can solve your problems and make your website run fast and smooth.

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Thank you for being till here.

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