Blog : Top best SEO tools that can help to rank up your website

Top best SEO tools that can help to rank up your website


Top best SEO tools that can help to rank up your website

15-01-2021,    EvermolPro

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that is frequently used by them who often deal with running a website or who deals with a business online. In short a term mostly used by digital marketers. If you run a website or have some information on how the websites work, then, you may have definitely heard it.

Everyone who’s in this field know how SEO plays a very important role in digital marketing or any blogging or an Ecommerce platform.


Search engine optimization defines itself by its name. It’s the process on how search engines like Google, optimize the contents in its feed and rank according to the contents reliability and shows information to us when we search something. Search engines have crawlers that goes out collects information from all the websites and form an index ranking according to the content's quality and how much it can satiate the query of the user. To know about how SEO works, check out our blog “how to write content for user and search engine for Google Optimization”.

This time we are going to provide you with a list of top 5 SEO tools to take your SEO to the next level and rank your website on the top in Google. SEO can really affect your success in digital marketing, if properly utilized with dynamic and solid strategies.

Let’s get straight into the list without much talking.

Here’s the list –

1. Google Insights – the best thing about Google Insights is that it’s absolutely free. You must use it. It is the best suggested SEO tool to get track of the insights of your page. And it’s by Google itself, that’s a plus point. It gives you accurate results. It shows about web traffic, your site visitors, etc. You can get a lot of guides on how to use Google insights in the internet. Follow the experts' guides and tips and you’re good to go.

2. Mobile Friendly Test – it’s free to use too. We already know how important mobile friendly websites are nowadays. Because most of the web traffic comes from there. Most of the people search or browse online on their smartphone. Thus, it’s extremely important to know is your website responsive, i.e. mobile friendly. This app enables you to do this. It checks the responsiveness of your website.

3. UberSuggest – it’s the top 3rd suggested free SEO tool. It provides you with an all around SEO tool. This can help you know the keyword search capabilities and keyword ideas. You just need to click on “keyword ideas” and then search the required domain or niche's keyword. It will provide you with a list of related keywords. Then you can do the research and pick up the keywords that works best for you according to your strategy. It also has a filter feature that can filter the keywords according to your requirements.

4. MozBar – It’s an app that can analyze any website you visit. You get an instant report of the same. It displays the on-page SEO, tags, descriptions, load time, on-page link data etc. This report has also ranking factors. This helps you a lot in SEO and can prove to be one of the best apps used and recommended.

5. Ahref's Backlink Checker – it’s a freemium app. You can enter the URL of the site and it will show you the rating score of your domain. It also generates links pointing the site. This will analyze the total no. of backlinks and can help you in many ways. It’s premium version provides you with more keyword, number of campaigns etc. Only at $99 per month.. !

These were the top 5 list of SEO tools. Hope, this article helped you. Thank you for being here.

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